sestdiena, 2010. gada 13. marts

Alice Alice

yesterday, I finally saw Alice in Wonderland 3D


well first minutes after the movie I thought that this is definitely be my new favorite movie of the month .. well .. but there are some things i disliked.

Characters 10/10
Design-of-everything 9,5/10 (well some epic stuff ..)
Actor play 9/10 (Anna Hathaway ruined everything)
Idea 8,5/10
Story line 6,5/10 ...

why ..? IT WAS TOO EPIC.
Seriously, Tim Burton, I think you could do better .. MUCH BETTER.

Before I went to see the movie, I tried to avoid all the spoilers and stuff that could tell me something about the movie itself .. So I went without any idea about it (actually I thought it's gonna be the original story made more interesting and blablabla) .. But it was a "TO BE CONTINUED" of the "Alice in Wonderland" children book .. and it was worse than expected. Evil Red Queen versus Good White Queen?.. The mighty dragon?.. A KNIGHT WHO SAVES EVERYONE? oh come on. They ruined the idea of the original story. TIM BURTON WHY DID YOU DO THAAAAAAAAAT..!! well, at least that movie saved me from my art-block while drawing Red Queen and Mad Hatter .. and it made me smile .. and that cute cheshire cat .. and I had fun with my friends .. and that cute cheshire cat .. and effects were pretty good .. AND THAT CUTE CHESHIRE CAT .. :3

In few words - It was pretty good. And I don't regret that I went to see it.

TOTAL 8,5/10
(sorry, I'm an ass judging this movie, but I really wanted to .. here you have a cookie if you read it *gives a cookie to every reader* .. hopefully somebody read this .. or else these cookies will be wasted .. )

and now some fan-sketches .. drew an hour after the movie while going home by train .. just a fast made crap, so please don't critique it too much, I know it's ugly .. bwah


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  1. hhmmm.. taa kaa es filmas vispar neskatos es neko nevaru te iebilst. lol head off xD
    shi laikam bus pirma filma pa paris gadiem ko es centishos noskatities. since i like all that CHESS/CARD style thingies. o3o n patterns.
    Pati ideja par to filmu man jau liekas diezgan.. bweh this should be an horror movie not some continuation of the original one. o:
    You have a point, kid. also that drawing.... -gives luv-