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when I finished reading After School Nightmare, my first thought was "WHAT AN AWESOME STORY, WHAT AN AWESOME ENDING .. "

Everyone who likes wicked stories should read it.
There's a touch of horror and psychology, a beautiful romance, gender-bender, fantasy and some action. It's quite amazing - I like the story and the plot a lot .. The only thing I disliked is that love-triangle (through it was necessary) .. Lovely style .. Amazing ending (it surprised me a lot) ...
so .. what's ASN about?
Ichijo Mashiro (he's either a girl or a boy .. he hates his female side, that's why he lives as a male. but that causes tons of problems ..). He and fellow classmates are enlisted in a mysterious weekly class that takes the form of a shared nightmare. Serving as a therapy for all the warped children. The terrifying sessions also challenge what Ichijo Mashiro truly desires.

Short - It's a manga about studens lacking the courage to accept themselfes for who they are or what they were. Mashiro can't live on with his inbetween body, one girl got violated when she was a kid (that's why she hates men and so on), another one has lost herself in the lifes of others ... And in this so called "DREAM CLASS" they have to over come their fears and problems to get a key, reach the next level (get graduated) and .. (read !! I won't spoil anymore !)

IT'S A REALLY GOOD STORY, I got totally sucked in it and was surprised about how it ended .. really .. it's damn good .. (maybe the first chapters will seem a bit weird, but trust me - the more you read the better it gets. not only the plot, but also the art. now i'm quite fascinated by it.)

If someone decides to read it, HAVE FUN. IT'S AMAZING. IT'S GREAT.
and there's no ecchi stuff, so do not fear if your parents sit near you XD
there are only 39 chapters, I completed reading it in about four days .. (hm if we count about 3-4 hours a day .. ) teehee

ahaha Mashiro is all red now =w=


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