sestdiena, 2010. gada 11. septembris

Arrive alive

Would you be there
Be there
Be there for me ?

It's a rainy day
I'm sitting on my couch

just like every evening

hysterical crying
because this must be

I just have to bear it.

I can feel it inside me
All my organs are symmetrical
two legs, two arms
I could just split in two ...
I could just live on peacfully ...
two bodies, two souls one heart - why can't we separate?
everyone wants to keep on living ..
nobody wants to die
nobody wants to give away its heart

I won't lie to you
I just need to get another heart
to shine forever within the stars
or rusted and forgotten lay on the ground.

so I'll just keep on living one life with two eyes that see different
walk with two legs in different directions
and one day I'll tear my heart apart

and die
and die
and die again and again.

the door handles to my heart stopped moving years ago.
but still - would you
be there
be there


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